Social Responsibility

Our key aim as a producer and marketer of Scotch whisky is that our customers enjoy our brands in a responsible manner and that they have a positive experience through the consumption of our whiskies.

In a wider context we are committed to supporting the initiatives set out by the Scottish Government and the various European and world institutions in relation to the responsible consumption and promotion of alcoholic beverages.

The Tomatin Distillery is part of the European spirits industry and has a long-standing commitment to responsibility, both through its own actions in marketing its products responsibly, and by its programs to combat alcohol misuse and to promote responsible consumption by those adults who chose to drink.

As such we refer to The Charter on Responsible Alcohol Consumption which lists the following as it key objectives:


Responsible Drinking Messages
CEPS members have agreed, where permitted by national law, that by 2010, 75% of advertising (print including billboards, TV/cinema and website) will carry responsible drinking messages.

Codes of conduct on marketing of spirit drinks – All CEPS members fully adhere to the principles enshrined in The Amsterdam Group’s Common Standards on Commercial Communications.

Product Development
In developing new products CEPS members undertake to do so in a responsible manner and apply the same rules and high standards as those applicable to the marketing of existing spirit drinks.

Underage drinking – CEPS members will work closely with national authorities in ensuring minimum purchase age legislation is enforced.

Drinking and driving – CEPS members will continue to work with national authorities in ensuring the dangers of drinking and driving are widely communicated.

CEPS and its members will work with other stakeholders to agree definitions of sensible drinking levels and communicate them widely.

As a responsible manufacturer the Tomatin Distillery has a commitment to ensure that its brands are promoted and enjoyed in a socially acceptable manner. We wish to encourage those adults who chose to drink to do so in a responsible manner and to avoid the misuse of alcohol. We would like consumers to enjoy our whisky in moderation and feel that scotch whisky can be a part of a healthy balanced lifestyle if it is consumed in the appropriate manner.

Although we accept that we have a responsibility to encourage consumers to drink in moderation we also firmly believe that every individual has an obligation to consume alcohol in a sensible fashion.

When possible we aim to work in partnership with overseas importers / distributors / wholesalers to ensure that they share our beliefs in the responsible consumption and marketing of alcoholic beverages.

As well as encouraging the responsible consumption of alcohol we are also committed to the following objectives as set out on the Scotch Whisky Associations code of Practice.

- Discourage underage drinking
- Clearly state alcohol content on all packaging
- Encourage consumers not to drink and drive
- Implement responsible marketing, Sponsorship and promotional campaigns.